Communication On Wheels

Funded By   : AIDS Prevention And Control Project, Voluntary Health Services, United States Agency for International Development.
Primary Target : Adolescents, Youth, Married men and women, High risk groups, Other organized and unorganized labourers, General Population.


To create an enabling environment among the target population by providing comprehensive   communication on STD/HIV/AIDS, promoting Abstinence among the unmarried youth, spreading  'Be Faithful' messages among the married adults  and emphasizing Condom usage among the high risk population.

This project is designed as a mobile exhibition to carry AIDS awareness messages through a specially designed vehicle in the shape of a capsule. The chief objective of the project is to provide comprehensive communication on HIV/AIDS and to promote prevention among the adolescents and youth (unmarried). Counselling, condom promotion and referrals are vital components of this project, which covers every nook and corner of the rural areas in each district. This vehicle is set to cover six southern districts in Tamil Nadu including Madurai. The project plan covers a total of 60 towns/ villages in a month.

Design of the vehicle

The vehicle has been designed with Special care taking into consideration all kinds of people especially the physically challenged. The interior of the vehicle is well ventilated with sufficient lights and pleasant acoustic systems and with steps on two sides, each for entrance and exit.  Non stigmatising messages on HIV/ AIDS flood the interior of the vehicle which is elliptical in shape, while exhibition panels containing non stigmatising messages and APAC TV Commercials and Films are screened outside the vehicle. The vehicle is also equipped with Audio/Visual aids to display video shows on STD/HIV/AIDS amidst the public. The vehicle is also designed with a cabin for storing IEC materials and communication aids.

Activities in the vehicle

  • The vehicle is spacious enough to conduct one-to-one and one-to-group interventions, stock condoms and IEC materials apart from displaying the exhibits. Each exhibit is designed with highlighting colors and contains both the Tamil and the English versions of STD/HIV/ AIDS messages.
  • The vehicle is also equipped with staff to provide proper counselling to the visitors based on their need. To add a touch of fun, educative games are conducted inside the vehicle to provide entertainment along with information.
  • Referrals to clinics are made to those who show symptoms of STD or HIV during the intervention. The referrals are based on the need of the individual such as referral to VCTC, PPTCT, DOT, ARV and other related service deliveries.