AIE - SSA (Education to All)

Funded By   : Government of India.
Primary Target : Children who have dropped out from school.
Area of work  : Vadipatti Block

The project revolves around the children who have dropped out of school. Poverty and lack of care by the parents forces some children to take up laborious works just to earn a living and this hinders their schooling. “Motivating these children to resume their discontinued schooling” is the primary goal of this project. The functional area includes Vadipatti and Alanganallur villages of Madurai District.

As a step towards this, study centers are selected and well-qualified teachers are appointed to teach the children. Funds provided by the Government, study materials, uniforms, etc. are distributed among the target children. The organization assists the functioning of the study centers.

In Vadipatti, 325 children were identified and 253 students were admitted in the 17 study centers opened. In Alanganallur, 525 children were identified and 351 students were admitted in the 22 study centers opened. These enrolments and admission of all the 604 students were carried out by a single social worker appointed from the project. Further, 2 more areas have been identified to expand the activities.

The organization has plans to open residential schools to support these children.