Integrated Intervention against Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (FSWs & TGs)

(IIVCSE) Project :

Funded By   : L’OEUVRE LÉGER, Canada.
Primary Target : Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Area of work : Madurai and Theni districts


Emancipation and Empowerment of the sexually exploited communities of female sex workers and transgender, in Madurai and Theni Districts.


  • To strengthen the capacity of the project team for an effective implementation of the project
  • To disseminate information on STD/HIV/AIDS and to demystify the prevalent myths and misconceptions
  • To provide legal literacy and to inculcate leadership qualities and prepare the target population to face legal/ social atrocities
  • To act as a catalyst for Networking, Advocacy & Lobbying for the issues of the target population
  • To strengthen and facilitate the empowerment of the target population through their own participation
  • To safeguard the future of the children of female sex workers through anti-trafficking and child-centred activities
  • To ensure effective outreach and sustainability of the project through promoting peer education.

Major Achievements in Relation to Anticipated Results:

  • An increase in the general awareness about STI/HIV/AIDS among the target communities is helping in preventing the spread of this dreaded disease.
  • Women and children, who were hitherto in darkness about sex-related problems, now come forward to know on the topic, ensuring a healthy future for themselves.
  • People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) show improvement in physical as well as social life by participating in community activities like medical camps, etc.  Their regular efforts towards positive living are a mark of success of the project.
  • During the course of the period, 39 Transgenders were obtained Ration Cards from the Government.  So far, they didn’t have any identity.
  • 43 Transgenders enrolled themselves at ‘Transgenders’ State Welfare Associations’ and brought their identity cards to get Government Welfare Schemes.
  • Children are happily continuing their education as a result of educational support provided by the project.  Their health too shows remarkable improvement due to the nutritional supplement provided through the project.
  • General public now shows an increased response to our mass activities and they are developing considerate behavior towards the target community.
  • Peer educators are coming up with suggestions to improve project activities for the benefit of their peers.
  • A few of the female sex workers and transgenders shifted their profession to catering, dancing and other alternative employments.
  • Community programme like excursion, etc. helped the target community and children in coming out of their nutshells and breathe a fresh air with new outlook towards life.  Their mutual cooperation, understanding, etc. saw a positive trend.  They got a platform to exhibit their talents too.
  • Regular trainings on various aspects of life threw light on chances of a healthy life for the target individuals.  Options like SHG and Alternative Employment paved way for a decent living for them, which help in boosting their self-respect and self-confidence.
  • General public now has a considerate view about the problem faced by transgenders.
  • Repeated intervention and counseling has inculcated the habit of regular medical check up and treatment among the sex workers, which shows the beginning of declination in HIV infection amongst the target group.