Prevention-TI among Migrants Project

The project is implemented in Tirunelveli Corporation, Palayamkottai and Maanur blocks of Tirunelveli district

Goal :

To bring down the incidence of STD/HIV/AIDS among the In-Migrants through comprehensive intervention by innovative and multi-pronged approach for enhancing the states’ response to halt and reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


  • To prevent STI/ HIV/ AIDS among the Migrants by increasing their knowledge on safe sexual practices.
  • To promote usage of condoms among the target population and high risk groups.
  • To identify, refer and counsel STD cases among the target population.
  • To generate demand for Counseling and Testing Centres, ART and other health services.
  • To establish Drop-in-Centres to cater to the comprehensive needs of the target population.
  • To network with other TI and care programmes.
  • To conduct advocacy and lobbying activities.
  • To create an enabling environment in the target area by mobilizing community participation in the project.
  • To leverage resources through strategic partnerships with Government and private sectors.
  • To evolve transition plan from NGO to CBO in a phased manner.

Project Strategies

  • BCC
  • Peer Education
  • STD Treatment
  • Increasing condom usage
  • Creating conducive environment
  • Organising the key stakeholders
  • Improving counselling and testing facilities
  • Strengthening the prevention, care and support