Community Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support Project - Case Studies

Date : From January 2010 to March 2010

Hope of Life

I am Divyabarathi (name has changed) (13 years old) residing at Valaseripatti of Kottampatti Block. I am studying 7th standard Kottampatti Government Girls Hr. Sec. School. My mother died three years back by HIV/AIDS. My father and myself also infected. I am studying well. But my father is looking after me and my elder sister and my younger brother as being a coolie. My siblings are not infected. I am forced to have medicines regularly and I don’t like to have medicines. Previously I had frequent fevers, head aches and other diseases. After talking with Vijaya akka from support group brought me to PACHE Trust. A staff and Vijaya akka brought me to Madurai GH for testing. We found that I have less than 200 CD4 counts and I was counseled to have ART. There after I am regular in ART and now I am feeling better without the diseases. In the beginning I was isolated by my neighbours as myself, father and my mother were infected. The staff from PACHE Trust have interacted with them for their care and support for our welfare. Now they are very concern and caring with us especially the self help group members. PACHE Trust has enabled us with AHN and CWOs to have regular medical and nutrition support. Now I have the confidence that I will become a teacher to my own school. I thank PACHE Trust for given me such confidence and support and I pray that more children like me must be benefited these care and support.

Date : From April 2010 to June 2010

My Ambition

I am R. Bhuvaneswari (name has changed) (age 9), residing at kadumittanpatti.  I am studying in 4th standard at Panchayat Union School.  Two years back, my father died by HIV/AIDS.  My self and My mother have affected with HIV.  I have an elder brother and a sister.  No one help from my father’s relatives.  So we left our own village of Saruguvalayapatti and came to grandma’s village Kadumittanpatti.

Because of old age, my grandma can’t give full support to us.  So we are living in a very poor condition among the mango farm.  No other help from others.

At that situations, a staff from PACHE Trust and consoled us.  My mother feels free from mental stress.  The staff asked our relatives to give support to us.  My mother and myself attended quarterly follow up meeting at Melur project office.  The parents and children shared the feelings of their families and also about the previous meetings.  At that time, I was unable to share my feelings.  PACHE Team encouraged me to speak.  It gives more confidence to share my feelings in the next meetings.

The children shared the activities of support group.  I liked the activities of the support meetings.  So I wish to join with the support group.  The children told about their future ambitions.  I also share my future ambitions among them with full confidence.  I want to become a teacher.

I thank PACHE Trust staff for giving me confidence in my life.  I shall support the children those who are affected by HIV like me and pray for them.