Special Projects

The organization has organized frequent mobile booth exhibitions and other crowd pulling events. The exhibition stall in Chittrai exhibition held in Madurai is one such event, wherein the number of people visiting counts to about 5 lakhs. Our stall attracted the mass through its innovative displays and games.

The Kodai Vizha exhibition in Kodaikanal was another such event with about thousand people visiting every day. The events went about peacefully in spite of the heavy pouring of people due to the efficient crowd management skills of PACHE Team.

PACHE Trust played a pivotal role in providing trainings to industries in the field of HIV/AIDS in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries. This has helped in the identification of many peer educators. This has also provided a base for the industrial intervention in the field of HIV/ AIDS.

The Auto Stickers Campaign was organized twice in Madurai – between 29th& 30th November 2005 and between 9th and 13th February 2006 by PACHE Trust in collaboration with APAC – VHS – USAID to disseminate messages of STD prevention and condom promotion to the general public through stickers with AIDS messages pasted on the autos flying around the City. Through thorough analysis of the possibility of success of the programme by the project staff, the campaign was designed so as to cover more than 50 areas and nearly 2,000 auto stickers were pasted on the backside of the autos. Voluntary support by the auto drivers added to the success of the campaign.

PACHE Trust had launched a Hoardings Campaign in its PATH areas on 01.10.05. Hoardings containing HIV/ AIDS awareness messages were erected in Madurai District at spots where the passers-by could easily view and absorb the messages. With the phrase line ‘Aanuraiyai Ninaikathe Lesa, Poatuka Marakathe Manmada Rasa, the hoardings played a substantial role in increasing our reach among the target community in our intervention area as well as other areas in the city. There have been phone calls and contacts from many other organizations and individuals seeking our support and counselling