VCTC Project

Funded By   : AIDS Prevention And Control Project, Voluntary Health Services, United States Agency for International Development.
Primary Target : The general public
Area of work  : Madurai

VCTC has become an integral part of HIV prevention programmes, as it is a cost-effective intervention in preventing HIV transmission and helps for early diagnosis of positives, so that they can plan their future issues and lead their lives in more positive ways and have regular follow-up services. The referrals sent to our VCTC would be provided personalized care with utmost attention.

Highlights Of Our Vctc

  • Prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS related illness
  • Earlier access to care and treatment Emotional support and better services
  • Better Follow - up Counselling and ability to cope with HIV related anxiety
  • Counselling on safer sexual practices & Innovative approaches
  • Enhanced Health status through good nutritional advice
  • Safer blood donation
  • More reliable
  • Confidentiality
  • Flexibility in all times

The best part of our VCTC is that the whole test process is done with complete confidentiality and hence the Centre can be approached without any fear of being teased by kith and kin and friends. It is up to the people to take benefit of this service free of cost available within the city. Have a test done and breathe a sigh of relief.