Community Driven Approaches to Address The Feminilation of HIV/ AIDS in India :

Funded By   : Palmyrah Workers Development Society and Department for International Development, United Kingdom.
Primary Target : Marginalized women working in quarries, construction workers, female sex workers and migrant workers.
Area of work  : Melur and Kottampatti blocks of Madurai district.

This project was implemented during 2006 as a pilot project addressing the feminization of HIV/AIDS. The target community of this project comprises of women engaged in migratory labour such as construction works, quarry works, women in prostitution and women PLHAs. This project has been designed to focus on the feminine aspect of the pandemic of HIV/AIDS and the convergence of Sexual and Reproductive Health to HIV/AIDS.

Approach of the Project:

  • Strengthen and develop community driven approaches to meet the sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS needs of women in low income settings.
  • Develop greater linkages/convergence between HIV/AIDS and SRH to address the needs of the women.
  • Sustainability through building social capital in the broader community and the women to empower them to put their knowledge into practice to advocate for change at the community and district level.

The Goal and Purpose of the Project:

  • To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS infection and to mitigate the impact.
  • The purpose is to develop and scale up innovative and sustainable community driven responses to reduce HIV transmission amongst women in the low income group.

Total Families 9,850
Total No. of Persons 53,250
Total No. of the Vulnerable Women Group identified 4,565
No. of Support groups 14
No. of support group members 155