PATH Network:
A network of 13 APAC-VHS-USAID supported NGOs working along the Highways to prevent and control HIV/AIDS among the truckers and the FEMALE CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers).

Associated Country Women of the World
An international network that works for the empowerment and emancipation of women. The network is a member of the UN Bodies & PACHE Trust is a committed member.

PWDS – Alliance Care & Support Network
A network of 12 PWDS— ALLIANCE supported NGOs working for promoting, CBCS towards PLHA in the various districts of Tamilnadu.

Initiatives of HIV/AIDS Net
A broad - based Umbrella of Network of NGOs involved in HIV/AIDS related initiatives in Tamilnadu. The Director of PACHE Trust serves as the treasurer of the Initiatives of HIV/AIDS Net (IHN) Board which is a network of about 210 NGOs spread all over the state.

District Level Networks:
PACHE Trust has a strong network with the other NGOs functioning is Madurai District, and is a member of Koodal Network for past 5 years.