Prevention of Vitamin 'A' Deficiency Disorders

Funded By   : Task Force Sight And Life, Switzerland.
Primary Target : Children below the age of 10 years.
Area of work : Vikkiramangalam and Chellampatti villages of Chellampatti Block and Vadipatti block.


To reduce the incidence of Vitamin A deficiency among the community, especially the children and to promote the overall health through prevention education and the precautionary steps.

Deficiency diseases are a major cause of concern these days due to lack of nutritious food. The organisation took up this project as a proactive effort to prevent the incidences of Vitamin 'A' deficiency disorders amongst the prone population. Designed for the benefit of the persons prone to Vitamin 'A' deficiency, especially children from the poorest and the deserted among the population, the project is coordinated in the work areas namely Vadipatti and Chellampatti blocks of Madurai District.

The project is one of the most significant projects addressing the needs of the children below 10 years of age for the past three years. The project has been attaining increasing success by every passing year. The community has been sensitized and there is visibly increased awareness on the Prevention of Vitamin A deficiency disease.

For this purpose, through schools visits, teachers and students are given training as to how to prevent VADD. Pupils suffering form VADD are identified and given VIT 'A' capsules and the requisite treatment. Frequent eye camps are held and the target people are subjected to eye tests by expert group of ophthalmologists from leading eye care hospitals. Affected people are administered VIT 'A' capsules.

Capsules are also distributed among the local population and administered to children. Various diseases caused due to deficiency of VIT 'A' are explained through photos, flip charts etc. Public meetings, campaigns, slide shows, films, and handouts are other tools used to spread awareness about the importance of VIT 'A' and VADD. IEC materials are also distributed to spread the knowledge about VADD.