Thematic Intervention among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) Project - Case Studies

Dreams come to true

My name is Kala (name has changed) and I am living at Narayanapuram in Madurai.  I am a dancer, dancing is my profession.  During the period I fall in love with my co-dancer and we got married.  After my first child birth my husband used to suspect my character and always making quarrel with me.  And also he forced me not to go for dance. 

 Because of this we used to fight each other and happiness was gone from the family.  Few days later my husband immolation by himself and died.  So, I went to my mother’s family and I spent few months there.  Because, of poverty we are not able to run the family once again I started my dance carrier for our livelihood.  Dancing is also a seasonal one and I have not get frequent opportunities for dancing.  So, my economic situation became worsened.     During that time I met one of my friend she suggested me for higher income to go for sex trade.  She motivated me this trade will yield good income and sophisticated life style.  I also went with customer for out stations and I can able to earn more and I provide the money for my family.  The family members also not suspected me and they also not bothered about my health. 

After some time I have symptoms with my body and I was suffered by white discharged and abdominal pain.  During that time outreach workers from PACHE Trust contacted me and provided the basic information’s about STD/HIV/AIDS.  And also they provided counselling and motivated me about their STD clinic and periodical medical check up.  I went to the clinic and avail the services especially counselling and clinical treatment has made a desirable impact in my behaviour.  I also avail the services of the beauty clinic and the Drop In Centre.  I had an opportunity to ventilate my feelings and share the experiences with my peers has given me happiness and satisfaction.  Now, I am motivating  my peers towards TANSACS -PACHE Trust-TI Project and the services.  I am very thankful to PACHE Trust team for these services now I can bale to run my family with a healthy behaviour and confidence.