Prevention-TI among Migrants Project - Case Studies


My name is Kavitha (Name has changed) and I am living at Palayamkottai.  My age is around 35.  My husband passed away by 10 years ago.  We have a mentally ill daughter at the age of 16.  We don’t have any support from our relatives.  Literally, speaking we are living like orphans.  At that time a person provided shelter for us.  He is a cunning fellow and makes use of the opportunity and my daughter become pregnant and she delivered a male child.  He left away our family.  So, my family burden became double.  There is no way for our livelihood so I used to sell my body.  Now, I became one of the Madam in our area and we are working with a group of women in the sex trade.

A few months before an Outreach Worker from PACHE Trust has contacted me at the hotspot and provided me information about STD/HIV/AIDS.  It created me a spark in my life and I used to meet the staff regularly and I learned many things about AIDS and safe sex practices.

They also motivated me to come for the Drop In Centre and the clinic which run by them for STD at Free Of Cost for the Female Sex Workers.  It reduced my medical expenses and prevented me from HIV and STD.

After that I used to attend their meetings regularly and I became a PEER Educator at the project after periodic training.  I was very happy when I became a PEER Educator.  I had an opportunity to test for my HIV status, when the result became non-reactive.  I was very happy.  Since, then I used to practice safe sex and I am insisting my customers to use condoms by every encounters.

Before I was contacted by PACHE Trust team I have a life nothing.  But, now I have a vision in my life.  My knowledge level has improved.  And I am providing guidance and support to my peers.

I am very thankful to APAC-VHS and PACHE Trust for this turning point and the behaviour change and enlightenment in my life.