Children Sponsorship Programme

Funded By   : UN ENFANTS DU MONDE, Belgium.
Primary Target : Children Affected by HIV/AIDS; Female children who have been protected from female infanticide; Female children of working women.
Area of work : Chellampatti, Vadipatti, Kottampatti and Melur Blocks of Madurai District.

This project focuses the children in the rural areas and is being implemented since 2001 with the aim of “helping female children in their education and the other basic requirements”. The Children Sponsorship Programme has been further divided into four sub-programmes of which three programmes are being currently implemented.

The first programme of the Children Sponsorship Programme covers the children affected by AIDS in the Melur and Kottampatti blocks of Madurai District. These areas are also parallelly covered through our other projects including thematic intervention and HIV/ AIDS care and support.

The second programme covers Girl Children to Prevent Female Infanticide in Chellampatti and Vadipatti blocks of Madurai District. The identification process for this programme has been of long term. A team of project staff has been involved in identifying families where there is high risk of female infanticide. These families are then convinced to bring up the girl child with the support of our sponsorship programme. This programme includes counselling mothers and providing support to meet food, education and other requirements of children.


CAA 10 children ME 19 children
PFI 15 children C/FR 02 children
CR 20 children VA/FR 02 children
VA 31 children NGO 02 children

The third programme covers the girl children of working women through Creche run by PACHE Trust in Vikkiramangalam of Chellampatti Block and Vadipatti block. The programme supports children of mothers who work in agricultural farms and find it difficult to bring up their children. These children are given motherly care with utmost attention and are provided with milk and other nutritional supplements.

The process of identifying Orphan and Vulnerable Children is in progress in Chellampatti, Melur, Kottampatti and Vadipatti blocks. The focus would be to provide guidance and ensure safe living conditions for the children, to provide support to extended families thereby ensuring care and support to the orphan and vulnerable children. To provide nutrition, education and vocational training support to children in addition to the regular psychosocial support.