Alawai Bio-diversity Farm

The farm is situated at Malaiyur, Vadipatti block of Madurai district. The farm serves as a platform for supporting SHGs with infrastructure to carry out their income generation programmes. Currently, the farm hosts income generation activities such as card board manufacturing, hollow blocks, poultry, Seri culture and organic farming models.

Members of SHGS supported by the Tamilnadu Women Development Corporation visit SHG visit the farm as an exposure to learn about the different IGP programmes carried out in the farm and understand the methods of doing an IGP profitably.

The Seri culture has been carried out in collaboration with the Department of Seri Culture, Government of Tamilnadu and farmers interested in doing seri culture from various places visit the farm for an exposure to the methods of doing Seri culture.

The organisation plans to provide environmental awareness to children and to provide exposure to school students on bio-diversity in the future. In addition, PACHE has planned to promote the farm into a model farm for sustainable agriculture and as a centre for students and public for learning about climate changes and environment issues.