Children Living with HIV/AIDS and Happiness to All (CHAHA) Project - Case Studies

I Got the New Brother

My name is Maya (name has changed). I am studying in VII Std. I have a younger brother. He is studying VI Std. We are studying well. And my parent was died in AIDS/HIV in our infancy, ignorance stage.  My brother was also infected by AIDS/HIV and taking ART medicine. We are in the care of our aunty (Periyamma).  She is widow, and she working as a agriculture coolie .They getting very low income, economically we are struggling very much.
My brother will not take his food properly. He won’t obey to anyone. He doesn’t go to school regularly, and he used to make quarrel with the local guys. One day, they beat my brother and there is no one to support him. In the mean time, my aunty also fell down in her working place and had a heavy injury in her legs. My brother’s activity disturbed us both mentally and physically.

In this situation CHAHA team staffs Mrs.Pandiyammal and Counselor - Mr.Raja visited our house for need assessment.  I explained them about our family situation and my brother’s activities.  They gave counseling to my brother and then he realized our future.  They asked us to make an ambition in our life my brother aim to become collector and my self to become a teacher.

Now we are getting lot of support from CHAHA project like house hold, education, nutrition, OI and counseling.

Now my brother is going to school regularly. I got the new brother, in future we both will come in good position. I never forget the CHAHA project. We got confidence in our life, because of them. Thanks to CHAHA project staffs.


Aware about my Life

My name is Ramu(name has changed). I am studying in IX Std. I have a younger sister. She is studying in III Std. My father was died when my mother was pregnant. My father loves and cares me very much. I am also very much affected with him before his death. After my father died I lost concentration in my studies. In this time, my mother was working as a daily coolie.  We are very much struggling to meet out our economic problem. My aunty helps us financially for me and my sister’s education.

In this situation my mother was suffering from head ache and fever often.  So she was not able to go her work properly. So we financially suffered very much must of my school friends were having bicycle and were having many clothes. So I and my sister felt bad to go to school.  I failed in IX Std. and again I am study in same class. So I am feeling shame.

At this time, CHAHA project staffs came to house and provided counseling to my family. Our family situation started to change. They gave counseling to me and make me to think about my future, now I am concentrating in my studies and aware about my Life. Thanks to CHAHA project staffs.


Note: Clients mother was also infected with AIDS/HIV and taking ART medicine. But her children don’t know about her situation.