Children Living with HIV/AIDS and Happiness to All (CHAHA) Project

Funded By   : Palmyrah Workers Development Society – Alliance
Primary Target : People Living with HIV/ AIDS, Children Affected by AIDS, Children Living with HIV/AIDS, Orphan and Vulnerable Children and their families.
Area of work : Chellampatti, Vadipatti, Usilampatti, Tirumangalam and Thirupparankundram Blocks of Madurai District.
The project is being implemented in Usilampatti, Tirumangalam, Thirupparankundram, Chellampatti and Vadipatti blocks of Madurai district since 2007. The overall goal of the project is to reduce the HIV related morbidity and mortality among children and their family and also to address the impact of HIV on children.
Towards achieving this goal, the project offers to provide a package of services, through partner NGOs, to the children for education, nutrition, income generation, facilitation of access to ART. The foster care and family care also would be provided as part of the package for children.

Key achievements of the project

Children living with HIV/AIDS 96
Children affected by HIV/AIDS 600
Children on ART                    37
Number of Volunteers 18


Reduce HIV - related Morbidity / Mortality in adults & children and address the impact of HIV on children.


To improve Care and Support services to Children Living with HIV / AIDS & Children Affected by HIV / AIDS & Enable interventions which keep them with their Parents or Extended families.


  • Identification of CLHA and CAA.
  • Registration.
  • Meeting with Key Stakeholders (PRI, VHN, SHGs, PEs, CBOs, Anganwadi Workers, HCPs, etc.).
  • Meetings with Community Level Influencers.
  • Formation of Children Support Group.
  • Provision of Support Services.
  • Creating referrals and linkages for Medial care.
  • Strengthening the Positive Networks.
  • Special SHG’s Group formation.
  • Enabling environment.


  • Counseling.
  • Health and Medical Care.
  • Opportunistical Infection & ART & other medical referral.
  • Non Medical Referral.
  • Caring about children dropped out of school.
  • Networking of the PLHAs.
  • Entertaining the children.
  • Educating the children.
  • Motivating development of their skills.